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81 mm mortar technical data

81 mm Mortars -

81 mm Mortars Mortar Systems • Effective support weapon for short, medium, long and extended range • User friendly, reliable, all- weather operation • Designated split barrel type for paratroopers and back-pack missions • All types of qualified 81 mm ammunition are authorized for useOperated with light handheld Fire Control System (FCS)

L16 81mm mortar - Wikipedia

The United Kingdom's L16 81mm mortar is the standard mortar used by the British armed forces. It originated as a joint design by the UK and Canada. The version produced and used by Australia is named the F2 81mm Mortar, whilst the version used by the U.S. armed forces is known as the M252.

81/82 mm HE MORTAR SHELL M72/M74 -

81/82 mm HE MORTAR SHELL M72/M74 A. TECHNICAL DATA - Length of shell with fuze ----- 375 mm - Mass of mortar shell with fuze ----- 3050 g - Explosive charge is hexolite trotyl (TNT) - Mass of explosive charge ----- 680 g - Shell is assembled with impact fuze UT M68P1


81-mm mortar M1 81-mm mortar M29 81-mm mortar mount M4 81-mm mortar mounts M23A1, M23A2, and M23A3 c. The appendix contains a list of current references, including supply manuals, technical manuals, and other available publications applicable to the materiel. d. TM 9-3064, FM 23-85, and FM 23-90 contain operating and lubricating

M252 mortar - Wikipedia

In 2017, the Marines revealed they were developing precision guided rounds for the 81 mm mortar, similar to efforts for the 120 mm Expeditionary Fire Support System but in a man-portable system. History. The M252 is an adaptation of the British 81mm L16A2 mortar developed in the 1950s.

81mm M69B(K) and M69B (D) Light Mortar family | SDPR ...

Light mortar 81 mm is characterized by low mass of 47.1 kg, by simple and reliable construction, considerable range and other features not available on mortars of earlier designs. It can be fired in all kinds of terrain and it uses all types of 81 mm mortar shells. ... Technical data. Radius of the shell lethal effect is 18 m, for targets in ...


MORTAR – 81 MM Description The 81mm mortar has been in service since WW2 and has undergone various developments to modernise both weapon and ammunition. Whilst the Commonwealth forces in WW2 used the British 3” (81.5mm) mortar, the US forces …

M29A1 81mm Medium Mortar -

The M29A1 81mm mortar is a smooth-bore, muzzle-loaded, high angle-of-fire weapon. It consists of a cannon assembly, bipod assembly, and baseplate. The M29A1 medium mortar offers a compromise between the light and heavy mortars. Its range and explosive power is greater than the M224, yet it is still light enough to be man-packed over long distances.

81 mm M1 Mortar - D-Day Overlord

81 mm M1 Mortar specification. The Americans modernized their army before the beginning of the Second World War and sought in particular to reinforce the firepower of the infantry which gradually acquires light mortars.

M252 81mm Medium Mortar -

The M252 81mm mortar is a smooth-bore, muzzle-loaded, high-angle-of-fire weapon. The components of the mortar consist of a cannon, mount, and baseplate. The M252 medium mortar offers a compromise between the light and heavy mortars.