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81mm mortar technical data india

L16 81mm mortar - Wikipedia

The United Kingdom's L16 81mm mortar is the standard mortar used by the British armed forces. It originated as a joint design by the UK and Canada. The version produced and used by Australia is named the F2 81mm Mortar, whilst the version used by the U.S. armed forces is known as the M252.

Mortar, 81mm M1 81mm Medium Infantry Mortar - United States

The American M1 81mm Mortar, like the upcoming M2 60mm Mortar, was based on a French design by Edgar William Brandt (1880-1960). The M1 was a derivative of the French mle 27/31 system (itself an improved form of the Stokes Trench Mortar of World War 1 …

Ordnance Factory Board

This 81mm Long Range Mortar is smooth bore muzzle loaded designed to increase fighting capability, provide quick, accurate and heavy firepower in any phase of battle and all types of terrain including mountain. Mortar can be fired at extreme slopes also. Equipment can be dismantled into three loads and can be carried by three men or on a mule.

List of equipment of the Indian Army - Wikipedia

This is a list of some of the modern and historical equipment used by the Indian Army.Most of the army equipment is of foreign design and produced under licence in India but efforts are on to progressively design and manufacture equipment locally.

M252 81mm Medium Extended Range Mortar - Specifications

The M252 81mm Medium Extended Range Mortar is a crew-served, medium weight mortar which is highly accurate and provides for a greater range (4,500 meters to 5,650 meters) and lethality than the ...

M252, 81mm Mortar Medium Weight Extended Range Mortar ...

This page details the development and operational history of the M252, 81mm Mortar Medium Weight Extended Range Mortar including technical specifications and pictures. TOP ^ M252, 81mm Mortar. ... a data-driven property used in ranking the top military powers of the world. ...

81 MM MORTAR TRAINING DEVICES - Ordnance Factory Board

Thus, training can be provided to troops even within a limited Area available for the purpose. One Cartridge training is consumed per firing. However, the sabot can be used repeatedly for about 1000 firings. The Sabot assembled with the Cartridge training is loaded into the 81 mm mortar barrel.

81mm HE Mortar Bomb |

81mm HE Mortar Bomb is a High Explosive round developed to be used with M1, M29, M252, L16 Mortar Systems, or equivalent .81mm HE Mortar Bomb is a High Explosive ammunition lethal against vehicles and infantry due to its natural fragmentation and blast effect.

U.S. Marines Firing M252 81mm Mortar System - YouTube

1/18/2014 · Video of U.S. Marines with Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, setting up and firing M-252 81 mm mortar system on Range 442, Pohakuloa Train...

81mm M252A1 - PdM PFM: Home

81mm M252A1 The M252A1 is a new lightweight 81mm mortars system that is twenty one (21%) lighter in weight while at the same time maintaining the same range, rates of fire and barrel life as the existing M252 mortar weapon system.